NAYA: What makes me fun to be around?

HEATHER: First of all, you have the funniest laugh in the whole world! And second, you are the best at impersonating people. I am a big fan of listening to you impersonate Britney Spears!

HEATHER: What about me?

NAYA: You make me laugh all of the time. We went and saw a movie a few days ago and you made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.

HEATHER: Were you always so funny?

NAYA: I never think I’m funny — that’s the best part. I try to make people laugh, but Amber [Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones] called me goofy once and that is the perfect adjective to describe my personality.

HEATHER: I like when you laugh at yourself, though. You’ll do something, and you’ll just have this huge laugh.

NAYA: I do that all the time. So, what’s the most fun thing about playing mean girl/cheerleader Brittany?

HEATHER: I don’t like playing mean girls.

NAYA: You don’t think it’s fun?

HEATHER: No, you know that.

NAYA: Peer pressure! Say it’s fun.

HEATHER: I think it’s fun to say whatever you want at any given moment and if it’s ad-libbing that’s the best part because we are really good at that. And we get to make fun of Rachel Berry [played by Lea Michele] to the extent that it’s abnormal.

NAYA: I agree. It’s therapeutic for me to play mean. If I’m having a terrible day at work and I want to yell at people. Who is the meanest person you have ever known?

HEATHER: I remember a friend in fourth grade and she used to make me sit in the corner and make me dance for her.

NAYA: And you did?

HEATHER: I was in fourth grade! I didn’t know how to talk back. What about you?

NAYA: There are too many to count. All throughout school there were so many mean people. I was good at defending myself. I just had a big mouth. And my face would just get really hot.

HEATHER: You told me about those girls that would make fun of you. If I would have seen those girls being mean to you, there would have been consequences! [laughs] By high school, I was always friends with everybody. How is the school on Glee different from the school you went to?

NAYA: I was not cool in real high school, but I am cool in this high school.

HEATHER: I think it is exactly the same as my high school. No joke. We had a glee club and they were just as much outcasts, except the cheerleaders didn’t join. Did you ever want to be a cheerleader when you were younger?

NAYA: Yes. Sophomore year, I brought the little form to my parents and asked to try out, but it was too expensive.

HEATHER: I did it in middle school.

NAYA: You were a cheerleader? OMG! What about summer vacation? What were your favorites?

HEATHER: We used to go on houseboat trips and go Jet Skiing and waterskiing for, like, weeks when I was a kid — that was probably my favorite. What about you?

NAYA: Same! My dad was into boating and we would have houseboat trips with other families and inner tube every summer.

HEATHER: How did we not know this about each other?

NAYA: I know — OK! Magazine bringing things together. This is like crazy therapy.

HEATHER: Why do you think fans are so excited by our show?

NAYA: They relate and [show creator Ryan Murphy] does a good job of making everyone feel welcome, keeping it PC.

HEATHER: I agree. Everyone can see a part of themselves in one of the characters. And it’s just good old-fashioned fun. A singing and dancing show? It’s awesome.

NAYA: [I downloaded] “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the Glee season finale because John sounded so good. I loved it!

NAYA: And we have amazing guest stars [like John Stamos]. OMG! Who didn’t watch Uncle Jesse? I refuse to call him by any other name but Uncle Jesse. He’ll probably get annoyed but we have to do it. I was talking to my mom about it the other day: It’s just so weird, it comes full circle that you are watching this person on television and all of a sudden you are working with them face to face!

HEATHER: Absolutely!

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